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About Siemens

Siemens is a leading global engineering company and one of the largest suppliers of wind turbine technology, grid connections and turbine servicing in the world.

With 370,000 employees worldwide across 190 countries, Siemens is also a major UK employer, with 13,760 people working across the country, many of whom are employed in manufacturing and engineering.

In 2013, Siemens technologies generated 50% of the UK's total wind energy generating capacity. Siemens has installed more than 2,200 onshore and offshore turbines in the UK. Siemens is involved in 13 offshore wind farm projects, including the Round 3 Hornsea zone off the UK coast.

Investing in skills and training is central to Siemens' business. Siemens has invested £9 million in an Energy Service Training Centre in Newcastle, which includes a dedicated wind power training school. Apprenticeships are also key to its approach. In 2013 Siemens had over 400 apprentices in the UK, 85 of which were renewables apprentices.

For more information about Siemens click here.

Matthew Chinn, Siemens UK, @David_Cameron, Michael Suess, Siemens AG & @EdwardDaveyMP today at @greenporthull #Hull
22 days ago

Delighted that Siemens has announced its investment in offshore wind in Hull: #SiemensHull
22 days ago

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 Dan McGrail – Siemens
“This will be one of the biggest projects
undertaken by Siemens in any one location.”